Glass Beads Blasting

Blasting is a common procedure use to treat the surfaces of many different kinds of objects. There are several different types of blasting, and they can be compared most easily to sandpaper. Some types of blasting are done using large blasts that are made to wear away large portions of material. Other types use very small materials that are designed to wearing away small patches with much more attention to detail. Glass bead blasting is a method using one of the largest types of blast media.

Blasting is the process of applying some type of grit or blast media to a surface, using pressurized air to propel it. As the media brushes against the surface, it wears the surface down and often takes away the top layer of material. Blasting is done to cars, metals, construction projects and many other things. Glass bead blasting, often referred to as simply bead blasting, is done using small glass beads which are often designed especially for the purpose.

Glass Beads Blasting Procedure

A blasting system requires an air compressor, a blast media holder or hamper, and a nozzle. The air compressor takes nearby air and forces it through a hose at a specific pressure. Because of their size, glass beads typically require greater pressure than other media the hamper holds reserve blast media and mixes it with the air at the proper time. The nozzle directs the media in a jet-like stream that can be effectively aimed. Blasting must be done in a tightly controlled area to avoid damage to the environment.