Dry Ice Cleaning: Aviation

The Airline and Aerospace industries are typified by the intricate and precise nature of design, engineering, maintenance and safety needs. The close integration of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems means repair and maintenance is a major consideration both financially and operationally.

Stringent industry demands have to be met. Thorough cleaning of many intricate parts and tooling is required to reduce drag, improve efficiency and promote safety. Traditional cleaning methods such as sand blasting or chemical and solvent use present problems as they require dismantling, costly materials and many hours of labor.

Aerospace/aviation companies have reportedly reduced their cleaning costs by as much as 80% by using dry ice blasting. Dry ice cleaning offers significant advantages over traditional cleaning methods as cleaning can be done in situ with minimal or no dismantling needed, and no by product waste to dispose of. Dry ice cleaning is non abrasive so protects the critical dimensions and geometric shapes of the tooling surfaces – and is much faster than traditional cleaning methods.

As the process is dry it is safe around electrics, from landing gear systems to cargo bays, components can be cleaned rapidly, in place, and without disassembly. Dry ice blasting offers fast, effective, chemical free, moisture free superior cleaning – providing significant time savings in terms of shut downs and man hours, and fulfilling the industries stringent safety and technical demands.

Examples of equipment in the aviation/aerospace industry that has been successfully dry ice cleaned include:

  • Engines and Molds
  • Cable ways & trays
  • Cargo bay
  • Circuit breakers
  • Electrical Components
  • Undercarriage
  • Electric motors
  • Tow hitches
  • Insulators and switches
  • Landing gear systems, Runway lighting, Turbine and engine bay covers
  • Bearings
  • Wax remediation
  • Tooling parts and molds
  • Autoclave cleaning
  • Engine clean up

Key benefits of dry ice cleaning in the aviation/aerospace industry

  • For some years now the aviation and aerospace industries have been enjoying significant benefits of dry ice cleaning.
  • No need for disassembly/reassembly of parts or machinery
  • Does not wear on expensive equipment
  • Reduces waste disposal because dry ice pellets sublimate on contact with the surface
  • Reduces liability by eliminating the expense and hazards of chemical cleaning
  • Reduces costs-labor cleaning costs, equipment downtime and the costs of waste disposal cleanup are all reduced

Samples of Blasting in STRATA- Al-Ain

Samples of Blasting