Chemical Industry

Our services include the cleaning of production equipment, storage vessels, and transportation vessels on an as needed basis or for a regular scheduled maintenance program.

This process is safe for use in any environment and can be used on andaround bearings, machined surfaces, moving parts, painted surfaces, electrical equipment, glass, or any sensitive area.

Our company has the ability to clean installed equipment without removal from the production line. Most equipment may be blasted without disassembly reducing time, danger to employees, as well as potential damage to the equipment. CO2 blasting is electrically safe, it will not short circuit motor or switches, and there are no flammable or explosive by products.

Dry ice blasting can clean entire blow and injection mold cavities completelyand effectively. Cleaning using dry ice blasting removes build up release agent, overspray and other molding process by products. Dry ice blasting does not require solvents or the disassembly of the molds or work transfer system. Dry ice blast cleaning leaves a smooth surface, preventing damage to the finished product surface, thus lowering waste and scrap.


• Chemical Plants
• Lead Abatement
• Conveyors
• Resins
• Carbon Resins
• Blow Molds
• Adhesives
• Electric Motors
• Electric Panels
• Injection Molds
• Extrusion Heads
• Molds Tracks

Electrical Equipment & Power Plants

Electric Motors

Cleaning with dry ice allows electric motors to be cleaned in place, saving time and money through reduced labor and equipment downtime. The dry process means no secondary media waste and minimal clean up. The non-abrasive nature of dry ice cleaning means no damage to small parts.


Dry ice blasting cleans electrical generating equipment, reducing downtime from overheating. Dry ice blasting also allows the units to be cleaned in place without damage to cables and insulation.


Dry ice blast cleaning is perfect for turbines. Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive allowing the cleaning of deposits and other foreign materials without distorting the blade.

Small Components

Dry ice blasting requires no solvents to remove surface residue material from small components as they move along the assembly line. The non-abrasive nature of dry ice blasting means no damage to plated surfaces. Dry ice blasting also removes masking wax used in specialized plating processes.

Insulators & Switches

Dry and non-conductive, dry ice blasting uses very dry compressed air and “hot stick” dry ice blasting nozzles to clean energized switch gear. Arc-overcausing dirt is removed with no equipment downtime. Dirt-laden cable trays can be cleaned with dry ice blasting without worrying about solvent fallout or cable damage from cleaning tools.

Power Plants & Substations

During summer peak electric power loads, power plant operators need all generators working at peak efficiency. Dry ice blasting allows power generation equipment to work at optimal efficiency, potentially preventing catastrophic failure such as flashovers.

Dry ice blasting cleans electrical equipment in place, reducing equipment downtime and the labor cost of disassembling equipment, while minimizing the potential for damage. Since dry ice sublimates, secondary waste cleanup is minimized and no solvent disposal or drying-time is needed.

Samples of Blasting