Dry Ice Blasting in Power, Electric Utilities and Rotating Equipments

Our Company is specializes in cleaning power plant, electric generation facilities, and power equipment. This is a partial list of the items Dry ice can clean – Generators, Turbines, Circuit Breakers, Compressors, Insulators, Switch Gears, Transformers, Rotors, Stators, Insulators, Diaphragms, Field Frames, Windings, Economizer Fins, Substation Isolators, Bushings and more. We offer multiple options of cleaning.

Electrical and utilities industries are finding that the answer to performance in electrical equipment is keeping them clean. The demand to keep the equipment producing can prevent the companies from the necessary cleaning and maintenance. Advanced’s dry ice blasting process is the answer by restoring both rotating and stationary electrical equipment to optimum performance with short outages. Dry ice blasting the equipment, on-line is the most cost-effective, and the most recommended process by all industry professionals.